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November 1, 2016
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Medical Tourism – Why Kolkata Is A Favorite Destination for its Neighbour?

Medical Tourism – Why Kolkata Is A Favorite Destination for its Neighbour?

Medical tourism in India has shown a rise in the past few years due to increasing number of high quality healthcare facilities at affordable cost. Many cities in India are in the forefront when it comes to medical tourism and Kolkata is one of them. Kolkata, which is the capital city of West Bengal is a popular tourist site in itself, with its rich heritage and historical significance. With excellent medical facilities and top quality medical institutions, medical tourism in Kolkata is rising to newer heights.

What makes Kolkata a favorite destination for its neighbour?

Kolkata has highly skilled medical professionals and advanced medical facilities that are appreciated by the neighbouring countries. Kolkata is one of the most preferred locations for medical tourism in India, owing to its world class medical facilities at extremely lower costs. As the medical services in Kolkata are available with ease and without much hassles or waiting period, Kolkata is a favourite destination for its neighbour.

There are more and more foreign patients coming to Kolkata for medical treatment, which has led to a sharp rise in medical tourism in India. For neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, it is convenient to travel to Kolkata, with not much change in their language and lifestyle. This too makes Kolkata a favorite destination for its neighbours.   

Also, the government norms and facilities provided for further development of medical facilities makes Kolkata a potential hub for medical tourism in India. Kolkata is already equipped with numerous superior quality hospitals and medical centre. The increasing potential of medical tourism in Kolkata has invited further developments in medical services and many newer facilities are being introduced for foreign patients.  

Medical Tourism – Medical facilities in Kolkata

Kolkata offers some of the best hospitals and healthcare facilities in India. Kolkata has some of the finest hospitals that offer a wide range of medical services. To name a few hospitals that have supported medical tourism in India include

  • Apollo Gleneagles Hospital – One of the hospitals in Kolkata that offers comprehensive treatment facilities and special provisions for international patients.
  • Fortis Hospital – With its branches spread across many countries, it makes integrated approach possible for foreign patients. Integrated healthcare not only provides multi-disciplinary treatment but also ensures proper co-ordination amongst healthcare professionals of various specialties to provide comprehensive medical care for patients.
  • Peerless Hospital – Another popular and ISO 9001:2000 certified hospital in Kolkata with top-class medical care is often chosen by its neighbours for medical tourism in India.
  • Ruby General Hospital – An ISO 9001:2000 certified hospital, aims to provide economical healthcare for all and has a great repute in bypass surgery.
  • Calcutta Medical Research Institute – It is known for high quality and affordable service offerings in medical treatment, surgeries and cosmetic treatments.

There are many other top-class hospitals, which have attracted medical tourism in Kolkata. Kolkata offers super-specialty hospitals to treat a wide range of medical conditions and foreign patients choose the hospital that best suits their needs.

For the neighbouring countries, Kolkata is a favorite destination when it comes to medical tourism. Kolkata, in addition to its medical facilities and easy accessibility, also exhibits great sense of responsibility for the visitors. Many hospitals have provided language translation facilities for those coming from foreign countries and language is no longer a barrier.

Bengali is a common language spoken in both Kolkata and Bangladesh, so patients from Bangladesh prefer seeking medical treatment in Kolkata. Similarities in food, culture and language, makes medical tourism in Kolkata convenient for patients from Bangladesh. Patients choosing Kolkata for medical tourism find it easy and economical to travel to Kolkata and feel at ease with the provisions there, thus making it a favorite destination for its neighbour.






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